Sunday, October 25, 2009

Save climate start cycling !!

we had a save climate initiative as part of October 24th International Day of Climate Action.

A Seven people group did a cycling trip from Vadapalani, Chennai to sriperembutur. The goal was to raise an awareness about our changing climate and what can people in there day to day routine can make a big difference. The first question that pops up in everyone's mind is "what can I do". you can start by getting rid of those fuel hungry air polluting machines and replace them with bicycles for wheels a human for engine and food for fuel.

We never expected any responses or feedback we just did it because of the fun in cycling. but end of the day we did get a lot of attention ..well not a lot but we were approached by different sets of people asking us about what we are representing.

whether they will follow the cycling path to save climate they would have to do something about the increasing fuel prices :) is a global grassroots campaign to stop the climate crisis.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Emacs Commands

here are a bunch of commands that i frequently use in Emacs.

1. cut : space to select and then cntl+w
2. copy: space and alt + w
3. paste: cntl + y
4. begining of line : cntl + a
5. end of line : cntl + e
6. split screen : cntl+x 3
7. increase screen size : cntl+x cntl+{
8. if u wana execute a command "n" times
alt+ N and then the command
9. switch between buffer cntl+x and B
10. switch a read only buffer cntl+x cntl+q
11. switch betwen frames cntl+x O

and how do I browse my c/c++ code in emacs I use etags.
but creating etags can be such a pain sometimes. it doesnt have a -R (recursive) option
and we have to provide each input file to create a tag file. this is how i do it.

i use a find command to find all the cpp and hpp files that i need and pipe it to etags and ask it to append it to an existing tag file.

find . -name "*.cpp" -o -name "*.hpp" | etags -o TagFile -

note the - at the end of the command.

more to come but if you have some interesting trick do comment me.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Ths is about the review for Code Geass.

I know no one wants a spoiler whch tels u about what exactly happens, but i will tell u enough to get u interested in watching this one of a kind awesome series.

to get to the stats right away this is what I think about the series

story line : too good

superpowers / superhero : reasonable but why I like this is because unlike the other
animi this hero relies on brains more than the brawn

action : hmm not so great this is not the strong point for this series. and not needed as well.

romance: non existence

graphics : you can watch.

twists and turns : more than what you bargain for.

If you are into good story and do not mind not having "kill it all" kinda action then this is the one for you.

--- outline ---

what I am gona say here is only the first episode,

somewhere in the future.. there came up a superpower nation called Britania which conquered most of the world. and its latest target is Japan which it conquers as well.

the britanian Empire battles not with guns tanks or airplanes but by machines called as "Nighmares" and there are lot of advanced versions of Nighmares available.

Our Hero Lelouch is a Britanian prince but for some reason he is in excile along with his sister Naunally.. u can find out why soon.

He has a friend Susaku Kurarugi who is a Japanese boy. and the only ambition for Lelouch.. a normal Individual but a former prince is to conquer Britania and change the world.

And Change the world he does but not without sacrifices and sorrows.