Sunday, October 25, 2009

Save climate start cycling !!

we had a save climate initiative as part of October 24th International Day of Climate Action.

A Seven people group did a cycling trip from Vadapalani, Chennai to sriperembutur. The goal was to raise an awareness about our changing climate and what can people in there day to day routine can make a big difference. The first question that pops up in everyone's mind is "what can I do". you can start by getting rid of those fuel hungry air polluting machines and replace them with bicycles for wheels a human for engine and food for fuel.

We never expected any responses or feedback we just did it because of the fun in cycling. but end of the day we did get a lot of attention ..well not a lot but we were approached by different sets of people asking us about what we are representing.

whether they will follow the cycling path to save climate they would have to do something about the increasing fuel prices :) is a global grassroots campaign to stop the climate crisis.

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